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Arise Biocare Pvt. Ltd., a company based on very natural thought i.e. to use nature's gifts for our good health. Good Health is defined in Ayurveda as - a combination of Sound Mind and Sound Body.

Ayurveda is a very ancient science about herbs, Most of the herbs are used to enhance the physical and mental ability.

Ayurveda works on the base of "TRIDOSH", that is VAT (Gas), PITT (Acid & Enzyme) and COUGH.Ayurveda is a system of prevention oriented natural health care that focuses on restoring balance...
Medicated Cosmetic Soap
Hair Herbal Care Products
Multi Vitamins, Nutrient & Calcium
Ointment & Lotion
Analgesic & Anti Dyretic
Antiemetic & Antispasmodic
Medicated Cosmetics Care
Premium Mystical Herbal Range
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